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6 Benefits of Living In The Mountains

Living in the mountains is more than a place to live, it is a lifestyle. You immerse yourself in nature and can take part in a number of fun ways to experience it. If you have ever vacationed in the mountains you probably thought to yourself, “I wish I could stay here forever.” Make your forever home here in the mountains of Western North Carolina! Below are 6 of the endless benefits of living in the mountains!

1. The Views 

The benefit most consider when moving to the mountains is the breathtaking views of the mountain landscape on the horizon and the valleys below. Curl up on your porch with a blanket and enjoy a warming cup of coffee or listen to music all while you enjoy watching the sunrise and sunset from your mountain home. Views are a natural part of the North Carolina mountains. Enjoy a life full of beautiful pictures of nature, seen not only from your balcony but on the winding drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway or a hike through the Land of Waterfalls

2. Healthy Outdoor Living 

When someone in the mountains walks outside for some fresh air, it is not just a saying. They really do get fresh air! Mountain living has a number of health benefits. Cool mountain breeze blows through the mountains, keeping the climate fresh and new. The trees and plants are abundant, providing more oxygen, meaning you really can breathe better in the mountains. Better breathing leads to less stress, which leads to better sleep, which leads to more energy for physical outdoor activities, which leads to weight loss, which leads to lower blood pressure, and the list goes on. The health benefits continue in a wonderful cycle that you and your family are sure to enjoy. 

3. Endless Outdoor Activities 

Mountain living not only offers but encourages countless physical outdoor activities. Day trips to the wilderness are easy because of the surrounding National Forests and Parks like the Nantahala National Forest and The Great Smoky Mountains. Mountain terrain, large gentle lakes, and rushing rivers are a playground for anyone who loves the outdoors. Here is just a taste of the many outdoor activities mountain residents can enjoy every day!

  • Fishing – Large warm lakes and cool mountain rivers naturally lend to great fishing. Whether you are bait fishing on the lake for Bass or fly fishing on the river for Trout, there is ample opportunity to enjoy the water.
  • Hiking/Walking Trails – Hiking is a great way to experience the great outdoors. Lush forests provide a canopy of green, immersing you in a whole other world full of vibrant sights and sounds of nature. The vast mountain ranges provide gentle walking trails and challenging hikes up rocks and roots, often to a rewarding view of rolling green hills or rushing waterfalls.
  • Mountain BikingTake life by the handlebars and pedal through single or double track mountain trails. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or looking for a great new workout, pedaling up the over roots, rocks and, creeks and down the mountainside at heart-racing speed, you are sure to enjoy both. Make sure to challenge yourself on trails at the Pisgah National Forest or experience Fire Mountain in Cherokee, North Carolina.
  • Kayaking and SUPsGentle lakes and slow-moving rivers are common in the North Carolina Mountains. Flowing down from the mountain top to lakes in the valley, kayaking and stand up paddleboarding are both fun activities with friends. It is not unheard of to bring your favorite furry friend! Go for a sunrise ride and paddle to see lakeside waterfalls or jump off of rock formations into the cool waters below to cool off.
  • GolfMountain terrain is the perfect canvas for award-winning golf courses. Slopes and hills allow for the perfect arrangement of bunkers and hazards. Not to mention the surrounding vistas seen from the tee box!
  • Watersports – Hold on tight and enjoy the thrill of fast-moving rivers or wave breaks behind a speed boat. Water sports are an intense and exciting way to enjoy a lake day! Ride a river down the mountain in a tube! Bounce between rocks for a natural bumper car experience. Hold tight as you ride the waves in the wake of a speedy boat! Practice flips and turns on a wakeboard or barefoot skiing!
  • Horseback Riding – Saddle up and enjoy one of the many equestrian trails in North Carolina. Take a guided trail ride through the forest on top of a beautiful creature with its owns personality. Bring a picnic and stop in a clearing for a midday snack! Make sure to bring some snacks for your horse too!

4. Four Distinct Seasons 

One of the benefits of the Western North Carolina mountains specifically is the presence of four distinct seasons. Every year residents enjoy a spring full of vibrant and colorful forests, a sunny and warm summer, a cool autumn full of painted leaves, and a crisp winter with snow-topped mountains. Residents of Western North Carolina are able to enjoy all the activities that each season has to offer. Go birdwatching in the spring when nature comes to life, enjoy a lake day to cool off in the summer, pick apples in the fall, and go skiing in the winter! Another benefit is that the varying weather tends to be mild with summers staying in the 80s and low 90s, while winters experience snow that melts quickly. The higher up you live in elevation, the more weather tends to change and heighten.

5. Peace and Privacy 

Mountain living can be a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively, after living in a large city. The constant hustle and bustle naturally slow to a manageable speed as stress melts away. The lights and noise of the city are replaced with starlight and the sounds of nature. Mountain living is a great way to experience peace and quiet. Also, lots tend to be separated by distance and greenery, so you can have a great deal of privacy, while still being connected to a community. 

6. Creative Inspiration 

Do you have writer’s block? Are you stuck in a rut artistically? Mountain living can be a haven for Creatives in hobby or profession. The picturesque mountain views, sparkling lakes, and rushing waterfalls, and diverse plant and wildlife all excite the senses and serve as a catalyst for creative expression. Let the mountains inspire you to create, no matter the medium. 

Benefits of Living In A Mountain Community 

If you are considering mountain riverfront living, a mountain community may be an ideal arrangement for you. Some of the potential disadvantages of mountain living can include a loss of community, convenience because of a longer commute, and possibly being snowed in during snowy days at higher elevations. But in a mountain community, many of these disadvantages are mitigated. Mountain communities are known for active residents. Houses are far enough apart and surrounded by forests, allowing privacy but close enough for dinner parties and help if you need it! Communities tend to have clubhouses with dining services to cut down the commute on nights out and roads are usually maintained by a Homeowners Association so you won’t be snowed in. 

Also, mountain communities not only have an active membership but an endless list of amenities for you to enjoy! If you want the peace and tranquility of the mountains with the activities and community of a city, mountain communities may be for you. 

Living in the mountains is more than a place to live, it is a lifestyle. These are only 6 of the infinite benefits of living in the mountains. Come experience mountain riverfront living for yourself at Cullowhee River Club.