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6 Design Ideas For Your Luxury Cabin Home

Designing a luxury cabin home can be as overwhelming as it is thrilling. The natural beauty of a riverfront property can provide an excellent canvas for your dream cabin home. Combining the cozy aspects of a rustic log cabin with the modern design elements and features for year-round living can be an exciting opportunity for those who love design. It can also be tricky to design features in a home that fit your families various lifestyles and periods of life. We are here to help with 6 ideas to help you get started designing the perfect luxury cabin home.

1. Consider Floor Plan 

Interior design begins long before choosing curtains and color palettes. It starts with the floor plan. When you are designing a floor plan, it is important to think about how you want to live in a space. What elements are important to you? How do you want the floor plan to  flow? One of the benefits of living in the mountains is the views, so it is a good idea to make sure the living areas throughout the home have a view. Riverfront homes often slope down towards the river, so the bedrooms and living areas should be facing the back of the home looking over the river or mountainside. Highlighting the view will require large windows that will naturally lend to the vaulted ceilings that luxury cabin homes are known for. Open floor plans are ever-popular, especially in mountain homes that lend themselves to hosting and entertaining guests. Because mountain properties tend to slope significantly, a finished basement is a popular choice that allows for more living areas for the family, as well as unique lifestyle additions like a movie room or home gym. 

2. Infuse Nature Elements 

One of the best ways to make sure your home doesn’t look out of place against a picturesque nature backdrop is to infuse your home with natural elements. For riverfront cabins, a river rock driveway can go a long way to blend your home with the surroundings while still making a memorable impression. Using exposed log and timber beams, not only draw the eye, but have a warming effect on a room with a vaulted ceiling and give the house a log cabin design feel. Using distressed or reclaimed wood for banisters and flooring can further encourage a log cabin feel without overdoing it. Large wooden farm tables or sliding barn doors are another way to use reclaimed wood and metalwork for an overall rustic design. A stone wall does not look out of place with natural exposed wood elements and a stone fireplace is a must for every mountain home. Using stone as a backsplash or material for your countertops will naturally convey a nature experience. 

3. Decorate with Neutral Colors 

When choosing a color palette look no further than your own backyard. A neutral color palette allows you to accentuate the view of your home throughout the year, instead of drawing the eye away with bolder color schemes. Deep colors that have a warming effect like muted greens and browns, beiges and grays in the foliage, deep blues in the river, and explosions of yellow, burnt orange, and auburn and burgundy in the fall allow a number of color shades to mimic inside your home. Color choices can beautifully draw in the scenery around your cabin and give a sense of calm in your home. 

4. Use Natural Light

Mountain homes are often blessed with the natural light that comes with scenic views. Don’t be afraid to use it! Large windows, even a wall of windows without grilles can provide a sense of grandeur to the already magnificent living area in your cabin home. They can also showcase and connect the indoor living spaces flawlessly to your superb outdoor living area. Skylights are another way to bring natural light to bedrooms, bathrooms, and upstairs living rooms. 

5. Develop Outdoor Living Areas 

Outdoor living areas are practically a necessity for mountain homes where outdoor activities abound. There are a number of options depending on how you want to enjoy the outdoors. Whether it is a deck overlooking the river or mountainside or a veranda or screened-in porch, the outdoor living area is an integral part of your mountain home design. One of the ways to connect your outdoor space making it an extension of our inside space is by choosing comfortable outdoor living furniture. A porch rug can also bring the outside in. One neat option is the porch fireplace. Curl up around the fireplace on your front porch so you stay warm when you just aren’t ready to go inside away from the starlit view. You can also add a wet bar that allows you to host a spa for those cool mountain nights when you need to unwind after a day full of outdoor activities. 

6. Consider Lifestyle Additions 

Finally, consider design features that match your lifestyle. One increasingly popular feature is the home gym in the finished walk out basement. Salute the sun every morning with your yoga routine or enjoy the view on a treadmill run. Maybe you would rather have a movie room for you and your kids. Not sure what you want? A multipurpose room that doubles as a game room can be a great way to utilize the finished basement. Climate controlled wine cellars and fridges can also be a magnificent way to enjoy a space. Installing reading nooks in the kitchen, living room, or bedrooms is not something you will regret on those rainy nights or sunny mountain days. Bookshelves can make a house feel cozy and lived in without cluttering up the space. 

No matter what design elements for your river cabin you choose, we know that ultimately none of them will make your house a home. It’s the pictures of loved ones on the wall, pencil marks on the door frame to measure your child’s height, family meals or movie night, and game night with your friends. It’s curling up by the fireplace, or on the porch listening to the river rush by and feeling the stress melt away. So come design your house in Western North Carolina, and make at home at Cullowhee River Club. A growing mountain riverfront community in the college town Cullowhee, North Carolina, our community is the perfect place for young professionals and seniors alike.