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6 Health Benefits of Living By a River

A home by the river is more than a vacation spot, it is a lifestyle. And one of the biggest benefits of that lifestyle is its positive effect on your health. Here are six of the health benefits of living by a river.

1. Better Sleep

If you have ever listened to a sleep playlist or sleep machine, you know that focusing on a particular sound, letting everything else in your mind melt away, can help you fall and stay asleep. The added oxygen, as well as the sounds of nature all, provide a welcome assist as you lay down at night. 

2. Mental Health

Bodies of water have a natural calming effect on most people. Serotonin levels balance and we are able to calm ourselves. Have you ever noticed you are more relaxed at a waterfall, an ocean, or a river? Having a river in your backyard is a lot better than a stress ball. 

3. Fresh Air

We all know that the benefit of living in the mountains, and not a largely populated city, is the fresh air that ebbs and flows through the green hills. Trees release oxygen as they convert sunlight into glucose, and there are plenty of trees in Western North Carolina. The added benefit of living by a river is that air surrounding the water contains added oxygen and moisture as well as a large dose of negative ions that increase your body’s ability to absorb the oxygen. So breathe deep, and relax here at home. 

4. Lower your Blood Pressure

With less stress, better sleep, and increased oxygen your blood pressure tends to fall. High blood pressure can increase your risk of heart disease, a heart attack, or a stroke so a change in scenery to a river home, along with exercise and dietary changes, can potentially add years to your life. 

5. Access to Nature’s Healthy Meat

Fish is a lean, nutrient-enriched meat option for any meal. Chock full of Omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, and numerous vitamins, you can’t go wrong broiling, grilling, or making a warm soup. Living by a river you can catch dinner right in your backyard and reap the benefits of a healthy meal. 

6. Creative Inspiration

No one knows why, but you tend to be more creative when surrounded by nature. Perhaps being surrounded by the masterpiece that is the Western North Carolina Mountains inspires us. Regardless of the medium, writers, painters, musicians can all find that their creativity is sparked by a flowing river. 

Whatever reason you find beneficial, the health benefits of living by a river can not be understated. Come explore the beautiful properties here at Cullowhee River Club and see how living by a river can benefit your lifestyle.