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Rustic Luxury in The Blue Ridge Mountains

Whether you’re moving your family to the Cullowhee River Club, retiring to the mountains or making the Western North Carolina (WNC) community your second home, you’ll never have a dull moment — unless you want one. Between the extensive outdoor activities available in and around the Blue Ridge Mountains, the history of these hills and the urban centers tucked in between the slopes, you could spend every day, every weekend and every season on a new adventure.



Nantahala is Cherokee for Land of the Noonday Sun. Surging through a narrow, steep-sided gorge, this world-class whitewater river is a paradise for thrill-seekers, canoers, kayakers, tubers, swimmers, and fishermen. Its crystal-clear waters trace the infamous Trail of Tears, but like the Nantahala, are now known as a place for families to gather.

Adventure is lived in the great outdoors, and relived in our great indoors!

In the past, many southern homes had open corridors from front to back, with rooms to the left and right. This takes the best advantage of the passing breeze. Cullowhee’s designers have taken this basic concept and removed most of the walls!

The result is a porch-to-porch living space that’s perfect for entertaining or just plain old day-to-day family life.

Like all the homes at Cullowhee, The Nantahala reveals its heritage in the artful use of native building materials – field stones, oak and pine timbers, and bark and twisted laurel accents throughout. But it also embraces the future with the latest domestic technology of its appliances and fixtures, as well as the unseen details built seamlessly into its superior construction. With a nod to the fact that there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing – company for instance – the upstairs suite, with its own sitting area, bedroom, and bath, is a world of its own.

The same is true of the master suite downstairs. Everything else is, well, just what you’d expect of a place that has everything. It’s good to know that, wherever your river takes you, there’s a place like the Nantahala waiting at the end of the ride.



Though neighborly, locals would rather keep the Tellico in the mountains – it’s stuffed with trout, and a thrilling little river to ride. But gravity insists on sending it along to Tennessee and has ever since long before Spanish explorers were surprised to find a Muskogean town named Taliko on its bank. Our Taliko, too, is full of pleasant surprises.

The greatest treasure is family and friends; the Taliko’s where they gather.

Remember that house in your neighborhood that folks just seemed to gravitate to? Kids, adults, dogs, cats, you name it, somehow they’d all show up there. Such a place has a ‘come-as-you-are’ welcome that’s always prepared for company. “Just show up, and if the blinds in the bedroom aren’t pulled down, knock and come on in!”

The Taliko is one of those places. It just seems to expand to take in the crowd, no matter who shows up. And when they start poking around, as folks do, they might just come to the conclusion that it’s two houses in one! On one hand, the living area is one big, open space where indoors and outdoors meet and say howdy, like all the homes at Cullowhee. On the other hand, each of the three bedrooms offers all the “get-away”; you could want. Of course, even your nosiest visitor will be impressed by the workmanship, the way local materials – river stone, oak and pine timbers, and bark and twisted laurel accents – have been used throughout, and how they’re designed to merge flawlessly with the domestic technology that makes the kitchen the shiniest jewel in the treasure chest, that is the Taliko.



The highlands are famous for a lot of things, but mostly for food! And the menu’s as varied as the nations that contributed to it, from the Cherokee, Scots, English, and Irish, to the Spanish and French, each added their own tasty twist. Those influences find expression in the artful blend of wood and stone that make the Sweet Potato home.

Neither too big, or too small, the Sweet Potato is just the right size so everyone can be heard without having to shout.

The Sweet Potato’s living areas have a wide embrace that give it just-right bigness by offering nearly uninterrupted views of the great outdoors. The not-too-smallness is due to its rustic luxury, accented by just enough room so everyone has space of their own.

As with all the homes at Cullowhee, the designers, builders, and craftsmen who create the Sweet Potato rely heavily on the pleasing and attractive use of traditional native fieldstone and oak and pine timbers, all given tasteful accents of distinctive bark and twisted laurel so emblematic of the mountains. Those are the more rustic elements. Inside, this cottage inclines toward the future with up-to-the-minute kitchen appliances to fuel your culinary fantasies, and the latest domestic technology in everything from windows, insulation, and weatherproofing to fittings, fixtures and a host of unseen details woven seamlessly into its superior construction. Whether you make this cozy cottage your home or home-away-from-home, you’ll always find it welcoming as the fragrance of sweet potato casserole at Thanksgiving!



European history in the Appalachians began with the Scots. Their love for the wild reaches of the Blue Ridge still pulses through the music, the language, the crafts, dance, and diet of the people. That heritage is so deeply infused into the Highlander that even the most citified visitor will soon find themselves saying “Y’all come back now, hear!”

Life is a smorgasbord of possibilities, and the Highlander sets the table.

Okay, so smorgasbord isn’t a Scottish word, but you get the idea. The Highlander is a living canvas that you and your family will paint upon every day with all the colors your imagination can conjure. As you see it’s the type of place that invites mixed metaphors, but that’s okay, life is a mixed metaphor. Stir it up!

Pairing traditional building materials and techniques with the latest in labor-saving domestic technology, the Highlander is the biggest home at Cullowhee. But this isn’t a trophy home. Every square foot is purpose-built to be used, to play host to and become an integral part of your family’s life. And because your family is made up of members who come and go, who bring their friends, their boyfriends, girlfriends, fiancés, husbands, wives, kids and kids friends, dogs, cats, and hamsters, the Highlander is a stage big enough for all their stories to unfold.

That means a craft-built home with wide-open spaces, three bedrooms, two full baths, a kitchen big enough to set them down and feed them all, and a huge possibility room downstairs that’s waiting to be what you want it to be.

Explore our 125 acres and find your new home in this charming mountain community on the majestic Tuckasegee River in Cullowhee, North Carolina. Select a mountain or river view homesite for your Blue Ridge Mountain Cottage or Cabin.

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Used in traditional medicine by Native Americans, Blue Ridge ginseng has been gathered by “Sang hunters”; since the 18th century and sold to Chinese traders who prize the wild roots for their curative powers, which are thought to be as much emotional as physical. Those intangible qualities are evoked by the design of our Ginseng Cabin.

Spend one night in the Blue Ridge and its healing stays with you wherever you go.

“Howdy”; is just a southern way of saying “welcome home!”; and &”healing”; well, that’s something we all need from time-to-time; whether it’s the twisted ankle you got tryin’; to pretend there’s no such thing as gravity or just life kickin’ up a fuss the way it does from time to time.

Howdy and healing are part and parcel of the Ginseng which, you might say, was designed to promote both. If you’re entertaining neighbors, they’ll appreciate the personal touches you’ve added to its harmonious composition of native fieldstone, oak and pine timbers happily interrupted now and then by attractive bark and twisted laurel accents. And they’ll feel welcome because, thanks to the latest domestic technology, you don’t have to spend all your time running back and forth to the kitchen!

Throughout the cabin, there’s delight in the details, because every square foot has been designed not just to appeal to the eye, but to be lived in, dinged up, sanded, stained or touched up time and again because, well if it just sits there looking pretty, it’s only a house, but if it shows signs of living, it’s a home. Our bet is that both howdy and healing will begin the moment you open the front door of your Ginseng for the first time and, as you grow together, it’ll just get better.



“Ginny’s Reach” was a popular length of measurement in the mountains. When Ginny Winkle was a two-year-old she had what the preacher called “over-graspin”; hands at the end of too-long arms.” Her ma was forever having to move things beyond her grasp, so it came to be said of larger homes “Well, I reckon everything’s out of Ginny’s reach!”

A welcoming family-sized cabin, Ginny’s Reach is designed so everything’s accessible, but nothing’s in the way

The warm embrace of the Ginny’s open concept is plenty of howdy for family, friends and friends-in-the-making. And every one of “em is bound to notice the way comfort and convenience are built into every detail. Native materials like fieldstone, oak and pine timbers, bark, cedar shakes and twisted laurel have long been staples in the building of homes in the Blue Ridge – and you’ll find them used liberally and artfully throughout the quality construction of your Cullowhee cabin – but the airy, open design of these homes make the familiar down-right sensational!

Add to that domestic technology that makes convenience commonplace – with enough buttons to keep Ginny busy all day, and you’ve got a home that your average European potentate would have traded her crown for. In no time at all, your cottage will seem as much at home in its surroundings as you will within its walls. Best of all, the price of Ginny’s Reach is probably well within yours.



No, not a woman of European descent and easy virtue, the French Broad is famous, sauntering river that meanders its way through the upstate as if in a restless search for a place to lay down its burden of untold tales, and unsung lives. Cullowhee’s French Broad cabin is designed to hold your stories and sing your songs.

Like all the homes at Cullowhee, the French Broad isn’t designed from the ground up; it’s designed from the heart out.

The best home designers know that the primary function of their work is not to create a showcase for their portfolio, but a comfortable, functional environment in which the first objective of every component is the comfort, convenience, and satisfaction of real people, living real lives.

The challenge for designers of the homes at Cullowhee in fulfilling this imperative is how to turn inanimate objects – native fieldstone, oak, and pine – into homes that seem alive? Considering this problem one lunchtime as they sat on its banks, the French Broad gave them the answer: let the house and its surroundings define and embrace one another, just the way the river and its banks do. Aesthetically they accomplished this by imitation – making exterior-seeming things like bark and twisted laurel (integral to the overall design), and capitalizing, throughout, on the warmth of exposed wood.

That took care of comfort. Next, convenience. In this, they succeeded by carefully selecting the best, most reliable appliances and fixtures and fitting them together like harmony and melody – completely different, but perfectly complementary. The French Broad epitomizes this marriage of art and purpose; design and functionality in a house that will always be tugging you home, wherever your river takes you.

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